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Lanny Smith

Founder, Actively Black

Mary Spio

Founder, CEEK Metaverse

Neville Boston

Founder, Reviver

Sevetri Wilson

Founder, Resilia

Denise Woodard

Founder, Partake

Derrick Ashong

Founder, Take Back The Mic Studios

Harold Hughes

Founder, Bandwagon

Kerry Schrader & Ashlee Ammons

Co-Founders, Mixtroz

Dawn Dickson

Founder, Popcom

Perteet Spencer & Fred Spencer

Co-Founders, AYO Foods

Dawn Myers

Founder, The MOST

Josh Welton

Founder, Vurple

Kwaku Owusu & Melanie Igwe

Co-Founders, ViuHealth

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Hugh Molotsi

Founder, Soko 

Felisha Booker

Founder, Breaker Nation

Mike T. Brown

Founder, Win-Win


Tiffany Whitlow & Del Smith

Co-Founders, Acclinate

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