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Harold Hughes is the Founder & CEO of Bandwagon and a leading innovator in the blockchain and NFT space. Harold is a graduate of the Founder Institute Accelerator, now serving as the Director for their Austin chapter, and of the inaugural cohort of the IBM Blockchain Accelerator. Harold received his B.A. and M.B.A. at Clemson University, as well as a graduate certificate in Innovations and Entrepreneurship from Stanford University.

Harold Hughes

Harold Hughes

Bandwagon is an experience-based technology company that delivers solutions to elevate the experience of fans and event attendees. The platform creates opportunities for fans to connect with their favorite entertainers and brands by allowing them to mint moments, memories, and experiences. Their Proof of Experience TM blockchain incentivizes fans to capture content during live events and experiences, mint them as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and earn royalties and rewards.



  • Developed Proof of ExperienceTM blockchain to build incentives and royalties into the entire blockchain of user generated content (including fans, brands, and the artists/athletes/entertainers whose name, image, and likeness are being captured)

  • Acquired IdealSeat, a white-label ticketing platform for non-traditional event organizers (April 2020)

  • Processed over 1.1M tickets

  • Founded in 2015


  • Google for Startups Black Founders Fund Awardee (October 2020)

  • Partnerships with Clemson, NFL Players Association, Arizona Cardinals, Trioscope, A Kids Co., and Little Herds

  • Investors include Black Star Fund, Backstage Capital, Realist Ventures, SC Launch, Black Angel Tech Fund, Blue Vista Ventures, and IBM Blockchain Accelerator

  • Board members include Kwame Anku (Chairman & CEO, Black Star Fund) and Greg Smith (President, Blue Vista Ventures)

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