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Founder & CEO of Win-Win, Mike T. Brown is a former professional athlete turned coder and entrepreneur. Mike is a former NFL player who transitioned from tackling to tech after successfully completing the premier Silicon Valley accelerator programs 500 Startups and Draper University. Mike holds a Bachelor's in Public Policy Analysis from Duke University.

Mike T. Brown

Mike T. Brown

Win-Win provides an on-ramp into Web 3.0 for non-crypto natives, while strengthening the value exchange between celebrities and their global fanbases. Win Win’s “Compete-2-Earn” (C2E) gaming model allows fans to compete in skill-based, casual game tournaments to earn NFT collectibles to unlock access and experiences with global influencers. Influencers leverage Win-Win’s C2E model to raise money for causes they care most about while offering exclusive collectibles, access, and experiences to their global fan base.



  • Founded 2016


  • Network of 200+ athletes, celebrities, and influencers

  • Partnerships with Microsoft, Project Success, and the Minnesota Vikings players

  • Win-Win campaigns have raised money for charitable organizations across the country, including the YMCA, the Malcolm Jenkins Foundation, and Right To Play

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