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Joshua Welton is the Founder & CEO of Vurple. Joshua is an ordained minister, and the Senior Pastor and founder of Your Will Be Done Ministries. Joshua is also a Grammy-nominated musician and engineer who co-produced and toured with the late legendary rockstar Prince. His music has been heard by millions around the globe and has been featured on major networks such as Netflix, ABC, FOX, PlayStation and more.

Josh Welton

Josh Welton

Vurple is a modern app-based platform designed to bring civic engagement to the 21st century. Vurple connects citizens with their elected officials in real-time through live streams, polling, and posts. Meanwhile, the proprietary VurplyticsTM engine leverages AI/ML to provide real-time analysis of community discourse to help elected officials, candidates, research institutions, universities, and other organizations better understand the voices of their communities.



  • Founded 2021 (company is in pre-launch)

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