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ViuHealth was founded by Kwaku Owusu, head of overall strategy and vision, and Melanie Igwe, head of business operations and partnerships, in 2019, after discovering that the one-size-fits-all blanket solutions on the market did little to improve the lives of autoimmune patients. Prior to ViuHealth, Kwaku (former CEO) and Melanie (former CCO) co-founded Ilerasoft, a medical device utilization optimization software platform that helped hospitals and health facilities use their medical assets more efficiently. 


Kwaku has previous experience in sales operations and products at HP Enterprise. He holds a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts and an MS/MBA from the University of Rochester. Melanie has experience in project management at Harris Health System and as a data analyst at Memorial Hermann Health System. She holds a B.A. in Economics with a minor in Mathematics from Howard University.

Kwaku Owusu (CEO) and Melanie Igwe (COO)

Kwaku Owusu (CEO) and Melanie Igwe (COO)

ViuHealth (previously known as DrugViu) was founded to help people living with autoimmune diseases consolidate their fragmented medical history and take control of their medical data. ViuHealth leverages data and expertise from patient advocacy groups, specialized clinicians, and their 35K-member community to provide evidence-based, whole-person digital care. In addition to helping patients consolidate health records and participate in clinical trials and research studies, ViuHealth offers a dedicated care team including personalized nurses and nutritionists to help manage day-to-day care.



  • Founded in 2019


  • Partnerships with Evernorth, Henry Ford Health, and Black Health Matters  

  • Currently working with 200 small practices, 300 teaching hospitals, and 1,400 community hospitals 

  • Customers include Vertex, Pfizer, Alumis, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, CVS Health, and Immunovant 

  • Investors include Black Star Fund, Jumpstart Nova, Stanford Business Impact Fund, Virginia Venture Fund, NYU Tandon Data Future Lab, Techstars

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