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Hugh Molotsi is the Founder & CEO of both Ujama and Soko. As the former VP of Innovation and Engineering Fellow at Intuit, Hugh launched Intuit’s $1B+ payments business and several other small business products and services. He is a seasoned product and technology leader with 30+ years of experience developing global solutions for small businesses and consumers. Hugh is also an Angel Investor who advises and invests in startups.

Hugh Molotsi

Hugh Molotsi

Soko is a farmers’ market app that solves major pain points in discovery and payments for farmers’ market vendors and their customers. Soko helps shoppers discover local markets/vendors and order ahead to skip lines; meanwhile, vendors can communicate with their customers, share updates on what they’re bringing each week, and even conduct payments.

Soko is a spin-off from Ujama, a social and messaging platform for families and parents to connect with and support each other for babysitting requests, event invitations, and more. Soko leverages Ujama's code base, which is still being maintained. 



  • Soko founded in 2020

  • Ujama founded in 2016

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