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Neville Boston is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Reviver with 18+ years of experience as a senior executive. Neville is a member of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, and he is also a Board Member for the California Technology Council and BottleVin, Inc. Neville holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Neville Boston

Neville Boston

Neville Boston and Mike Jordan founded Reviver in 2009 after noticing that many “simple devices” in their lives weren’t keeping up with the latest tech advancements. Reviver offers the world’s first digital license plate, revolutionizing the industry for the first time in over 125 years. Reviver offers both the RPlate for everyday drivers and the RFleet plate for commercial fleets.



  • Founded 2009

  • Completed $40M Series C raise with $120M post money valuation (September 2021)


  • 25,000+ vehicles with Reviver plates on the road

  • Available for purchase in California, Arizona, Michigan, and Texas; legislation in progess in others. Road legal in all 50 states.

  • Partnerships with 175+ auto dealerships

  • Investors include ACK Group, Walden Riverwood Ventures, Moneta Ventures, Celesta Capital, and former Microsoft chairman John Thompson.

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