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Best-in-class Black-led high-growth companies represent a new asset class that produces outsized returns. These founders and their companies that have been historically overlooked, undervalued, and undercapitalized represent a watershed investment opportunity.



Our investment philosophy is simple: the harvest is only as good as the cultivation.

Black Star Fund is a venture capital firm, but our investment goes far beyond capital. We aim to cultivate our founders and their companies through extensive portfolio support and guidance in order to hyper-accelerate their growth.


Black Star Fund hyper-accelerates our portfolio companies by leveraging:

  • High-touch Portfolio Management team, offering business development and operational support

  • Extensive network of decision-makers in the United States for portfolio support (incl. investment syndication, partnership opportunities, etc.)

  • Decades of marketing, production, and media expertise and resources to drive and enhance brand equity


  • Black Star Fund I – $12M AUM, Closed July 2021

  • Black Star Fund I Growth Fund – will invest in Black Star Fund I companies; fundraising in progress

  • Black Star Fund II– will invest in new companies; fundraising in progress

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